Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Happy New Years 2008

Happy New Years

May 2008 bring you somewhere closer to achieving your dreams. Or some sort of meaningful something or other. I'm finally caught up. Caught up on the blog, caught up on reuniting with friends, caught up on getting all my stuff unpacked. Now it's time, as is the New Years tradition, to get on with my life. Get a haircut and get a real job type of stuff. I'm literally hemorrhaging money living in Tokyo. Hit up the job posting website for a couple hours or go to a museum? Eat out at some bomb ramen or attempt to make a meal out of cheerios, wasabi, and juice. It's a yin and yang thing people.

Next: Study Japanese, learn how to use my camera, and establish a source of income. Sounds pretty simple. I set up a new blog to write about my job search. It's kinda boring, but it gives me a sort of motivation and a record of stuff. Feel free to read it here.


Anonymous said...

Are they sharing the glass? SHAME! That should satisfy one person, not a dozen!

Ramen Adventures said...

It was 飲み放題(all you can drink) that night. The communal (forced) drinking kicked a few asses.