Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Osaka Photoblog

Didn't do much in Osaka, seeing as only half a day was spent there. I spared my father staying in the $15 budget hotel I stayed last time. So we stayed in the Namba area. Shiny shiny Namba.

This guy was filming a video. He was speaking Osaka dialect with a lot of "hard" American hip-hop words thrown in. It was totally presh!

Takoyaki, of course. Hot balls of molten dough with a piece of octopus inside.

Hosts doing their daily nanpa, the Japanese art of picking up girls on the street. Every attractive girl is harassed by them. I watched these 3 hosts, as well as a couple others, for about 15 minutes and none of them seemed very successful. They certainly win with the peacocking, every bit of their style was over the top.

Next: Beijing, the most polluted city I've ever seen.

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