Monday, July 03, 2006

Japan... the flight over.

I always get to the airport early. If I'm not in a hurry, Ill volunteer to be bumped if the flight is overbooked. I've gotten hundreds of dollars worth of vouchers, free food, upgrades to better seats, and even a free roundtrip ticket to the UK for doing this. Today though, I had to be in Osaka to meet my trainers, so I didn't volunteer. I did, though, ask for an exit row seat. Being the tallest one on the flight I got my request. I sat with John. Then the fun began.

And by fun I mean booze.

You see, John is a marine. And marines can hold their liquor. We started with a few glasses of wine. A couple beers with dinner. Then we went to vodka and gin. And since John is a marine, we get 2 each time we ask. So many drinks later in our 13 hour flight, and I found myself "napping" in the lavatory. It wasn't a complete disaster. I was able to make it out by the end of the flight, and fake soberness to the trainers and my other trainees.

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