Friday, July 21, 2006


The club let out early in the AM. Trains dont start till 5am ish, so thats about when I headed home.

Tracy, my co-native English teacher (NET) took me back to Tokyo on Sunday. We checked out a litle bit of Ikebukuru, which is the first stop in Tokyo on the train I take. It's Actually, most of Tokyo is just shopping. Actually, most of Japan seems to be just shopping malls. They love that shit. In Kawagoe there are like 4 department stores near where I work. By my apartment, though, just back alleyways where you get stabbed (yeah, I found more signs...)

We went to Shibuya after that. Shibuya is famous for it's super-intersection. The one that gets like a trillion people crossing it a year. If you've seen stock footage of Tokyo, or any movie in Tokyo, you've seen the intersection. Look at my photos, you'll see a picture of it. Exciting, I know. There is also Hatchuko, a really famous Dog statue that people meet at. If you are meeting someone in Tokyo, just say, "Hatchuko at noon", and you are good to go.

Shibuya is a fun place to wander around. There are bright signs everywhere (just like all of Japan), a funky love hotel district, and lots of food. Love hotels... $35 for a "short" stay, or $70 for all night. They seem to have themes, like there was a castle one and a carrbean one. I heard of a rumor of a Hello Kitty themed love hotel.

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