Friday, July 21, 2006

Tokyo - At a Club

Wu Tang Clan ain't nuthin to fuck with. Thats why when Latrice, the English teacher I replaced invited me to a club to see Ghostface Killah making an apperance, I had to go. Also, I wanted to see what clubs in Japan are like. I had heard some funny things. Some absurd things. Things which are all true.

First off, the club was tight. Ageha is the name. Google that shit. Anyways, it wasn't super packed, it seemed just about the perfect amount of people for me. The perfect amount of wierd, disillusioned Japanese hip hop youth.

You go to a club in the States, you see a thugged out guy, you can tell if he's serious or not. I didn't see one Japanese who I could take seriously. Someone got a hold of a Source magazine, and cut out the most off-the-wall bits from Ludacis, 50 Cent, and I think they must have got a back issue, Kriss Kross. This is your average Japanese "hip-hop" kid. Sagging pants, fubu head to toe, gold chains, bandana, hat on crooked, sunglasses... everything you could think of. The point is not that they were trying to be "hard", its that they wear so many accesories. I laughed a lot. I saw a group of 4 j-thugs outside the club, all of them wearing the same bandana that I'm sure they bought from the same Nigerian guy selling "American" clothes on the street. It was funny, but kinda sad too. They were all admiring each other's gold chains. I imagined the conversation... "Yo, we are thugs!" "I am like 50 Cent!" "I pimp the chronic and smoke hoes through my bong."

How to dance at a j-club. Face the DJ. Don't turn away from said DJ. When the DJ changes tracks, get REALLY excited. The DJ doesnt really do anything besides mix tracks together (no turntable-ism here), so don't expect anything to happen. Rinse, repeat. Its really fucking boring.

There was a j-reggae section, with a Japanese DJ with a fake Jamacian accent. Hilarious.

The Ghostface appearance so. He started off tight, then brought out some j-beat box crew who kinda sucked balls. All downhill after that. Drunk uncle at the family reunion was what Temperance and Latrice called him. Spot on.

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