Monday, July 03, 2006

Training in Okayama

Training to become an Amity English teacher was an intense week. Also, the 10 other trainees were all some of the best people I've met. 2 guys from the UK, and 8 girls from all over the USA. Everyone was down to have a good time. We drank much "beeru", saw plenty of sights, and there are even rumors of a romance among 2 of them (I wouldn't know, cause guys never talk about that sort of thing with each other). In this picture is (from left to right) Cristal, Greta, Suwen, Corrie, David, Lacy, Margaret, Andy, and myself. Kriss and Branda must have been off chasing Japanese boys.

If any of my fellow trainees read this, thanks for a great week, and Ill be seeing all of you soon.

If you're curious what training was like, it was about 9 hours a day of learning how to make lesson plans, teaching skills, and technicalities like the tax system and what not. There was a lot to take in, but it wasn't overwhelming (for me at least).

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