Friday, July 21, 2006

Tokyo - Back the next day

I was gonna hang out in Kawagoe on Monday, but my boy Eric from back in the day called me up. I hadn't seen him for about 10 years since high school. He's unemployed in Tokyo. He told me to come out, so I had to head back to the city. It's only a 30 minute train. The exact time from my apartment door to Hatchuko in Shibuya is 1:15. I could probablly cut that down to 1:05 if I hit the train changes perfect. Anyways, its not long.

With Eric was another friend from way back when, Aaron. So we hit up the area. The weather was nice, so we went to Meiji shrine. You go from concrete jungle to pristine wilderness in like half a mile. Very cool. I also drank my first and last Chu-Hi. It's like those smirnoff or skyy drinks you can buy back home. Fruity booze things that are a little stronger than beer. Tasted fine, but I'll stick to the Asahi. A friend from the states told me to drink a chu-hi for her. I had grapefruit flavor. Yumm. Eric gave me a crash course in beer. Hops are heavily taxed, so there are like 3 levels of beer quality. So thats why I had to pay $15 for a six pack a week ago.

Had dinner at the top of some skyscraper. We could see Mt. Fuji from the elevator, and a crazy view of the city from where we ate. They were making fresh soba noodles in the restaraunt, and they only had a few to serve up each day. We got some of that, some different yakitori type things, and some fried tofu in soup. Japanese food is good.

I saw a melon that costs about $120. It was square. Japan is wierd.

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