Saturday, December 16, 2006

Pavement 2 - Brian's Head 0

Once again I got into a little accident on my bicycle. Once again it is in no way my fault. I was just riding home after work and something broke. I have no idea what broke, but the gear and chain doesn't seem to be connected to the wheel, and the rear brake seems to be stuck in the "on" position. I went down, banged up my knee, elbow, and head. I got a "Daijobu desu ka?" from a walker by. Daijobu ne. I think I'm ok.

Oh, you want pictures of my bloody, disgusting wound? Here they are. You'll have to click the link to see em though.

Very soon after the accident.
I let it ooze for a bit to get this nice shot.

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bikimdude said...

You should really consider waering a helmet, so you can get on teh board.