Monday, December 11, 2006

Spicy Bath!

My plans of adventure in Yokohama this weekend got cancelled, so I spent some time exploring Kawagoe. But before my adventures in the urban expanse, I needed a bath. Not just any bath... a SPICY BATH

I was shopping for wierd Japanese things to send home for Christmas presents... this seems pretty fucking wierd. But I had to try it out first. You know, in case it melts skin or something really bad. How can anything pink be bad?

I filled the bathtub up with hot o-mizu and poured it in. It kinda smelled like hot tamales candy, those ones you get at movie theaters. So, yeah, kinda funky.

I was expecting a slightly painful acid feeling, maybe some burning on the sensitive bits. But actually it felt... slimy. My body was covered in a mucusy film. I let it do it's magic for about 20 minutes, rinsed off, and that was that.

So the next day I looked outside and saw mountains in the distance.

I decided to ride my bike to these mountains. 2 hours later...

I picked a random street and road to the top of them hills. It was kinda brutal on my single speed Japan style bike. At one point I met some mountain bikers who called me, "Kuraaaaazy Boy!"

The ride back was pretty quick, I think there was a tailwind on my back. It's good to know that there is some nature not too far away. I saw trains, so I bet I could get back to these tree covered hills in the future. Hmmm... what I really need is a motorcycle... hehe.

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