Thursday, August 23, 2007

Life as an Emergency Teacher

I have a couple posts to write one of these days, stuff about museums and beaches. But basically its been a lazy month.

I went back to Okayama for a week at my company's head office, then moved out to Maebashi, in Gunma prefecture. I'm there until September 8th. I am now an Emergency Teacher with my company. I fill in where I'm needed. Sometimes I might fill in if there is a problem, like someone taking off to go back to America in the middle of their contract, or, like in Maebashi, just for a month cause they couldn't find a new permanent teacher fast enough. So far the good points are more money and a chance for adventure. The bad points are that the kids aren't used to me and teaching has a much different feel to it.

Ummm... here's some pictures of food:

Kyushu style ramen at some place in Akihabara with a 45 minute wait outside.

Numazu-don. Sakura shrimp and local raw fish over rice in Numazu, Shizuoka prefecture.

Aji (horse mackerel) fish and chips with a jibiru (local beer)

Microbrew stout with stout ice cream.

Korean food of some kind.


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