Friday, October 26, 2007

Halloween Music

You know that spooky LP that was just ambient sounds and shit that you would play in the background? Yeah, that record playing back when you switched from trick-or-treating to just hitting up the houses with the please-take-one bowl out front. That was the year you and your best friend came up on some hella candy! You remember listening to that vinyl the year the high schoolers tried to egg you and your friend from about 4 feet away and you dodged the bullets matrix style. You think you were even playing that track (now in CD form) when you took your 3 year old niece to the local haunted house 2 years ago. It's one of the purest musical associations available, the Halloween horror track. It's a very good thing. But check out this guys mix, it's downright down loadable. Hip hop beats, nothing too wild, thrown over old horror tracks and samples from movies. It's perfect.

Oh, and FYI , here's by far the greatest Halloween related track. Ever. Enjoy:

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