Saturday, October 20, 2007

Material in the Teacher's Room

There is a cozy little room for the foreign teachers at the school in Kure. Winter lessons are coming up, and rather than make things to teach with, using whats already made is a viable option. Here is a lesson based on Harry Potter. There was this gem sitting inside.

A picture was sent from the cell phone to a bunch of my teacher friends in Japan, but very few of them saw what you see. Let me clarify:

  • This vocabulary card is a year old at least, found among piles of old Santa coloring books and Rudolf mad libs.
  • When asked, "What is Harry's plan?", this was not a literal question, nor asking for real teaching advice.
  • Only one cell phone response referring to a cock. This is completely unacceptable people! Holy shit... do you not all see it right there!
Could be out of the loop, since Harry Potter has not been read... ever. Maybe in the latest book he rides a giant dick around on his wizardly adventures. Who knows. The ending of the last book, the last chapter, the one titled "18 years later" or something... There was no mention of a falic battle of any kind. Anyways... Japanese language study books are awesome!

Explanation of why this is funny will not be provided.


Anonymous said...

That should be changed to "The IDEAL First Date"

bikimdude said...

ha ha ha ha !!!

Kronos X said...

Wow....quite a crazy yet informative and well put together blogs you have here. I plan on visiting Tokyo for about two weeks this summer with some friends, and you've totally talked me into biking around rather than sticking to trains and cars.