Wednesday, October 03, 2007

It's Relax Time!

My new students in Kure are starting to spurt out some random shit. As always, a lack of fluent Englishness and little kid antics make my day.

Homework for a 15 year old girl was writing about personality traits of people. The book is pretty advanced, and she was fine with words like energetic, egotistical, and earthy. So under the "think up your own" section, she wrote, "Komo is an alcoholic, she drinks beer every day." I didn't know exactly what to say. My response, "Who is Komo?" Her response, "My mom." Errrrmmmm. Luckily she just didn't really know what alcoholic means, she was relating it to workaholic. And the workaholic in question is her dad... go figure.

A class with four 5 year olds. They are all very fluent, having spent time in America. At one point during coloring time, one little boy jumps on another's back. He says, "Don't worry, Shintaro, it's relax time!" Then he starts giving him a full back massage for the next 10 minutes. And he actually knew what he was doing, like leg stretching and what not. "It's relax time!!!"

Another class has, among it's students, a troublemaker and the cutest little girl around. By troublemaker, I mean kind of a jerk, very mean to both me and the other students. During some challenging color this thing red session, she realized she didn't have a red pencil. He says, "Don't worry, we can share." He then snaps his red pencil in 2, and gives her the good half. Thug with a heart of gold.

Lastly, I have a little 3 year old who is obsessed with Lazy Town. I watched a lot of Lazy Town with my niece back in America, so I know most of the songs. Today we sang this one like 5 times off the CD she brought in.

She actually yelled at me one time to stop singing along, I guess I was getting too into it. Then when I started miming instead of singing, I noticed her trying her best to copy every action I did. It's also funny cause the other girl in class has no clue what Lazy Town is, but she totally wants to be Stephanie when she grows up. I'm totally gonna pick up pink wigs at the 100 yen store next time I'm there.


Anonymous said...

Good god that is a creepy show. What the hell!?!

Suwen said...

Ditto on what anonymous did you even know about this show?! keep up the craziness with your japanese students!

Ramen Adventures said...

Lazy Town is a very popular PBS children's show in America. It is also the source of countless internet memes, due to the catchiness of the songs and general strangeness.