Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Road Trip! Tokyo to Hiroshima.

Not as glamorous as it sounds....

I went out to Tokyo this past weekend. There was a sayonara party for Tara, who I had only met once before, but it should be fun anyways. And it was. Also, I wanted... nay needed to get my motorcycle. I'm like a fat kid without cake... I need to ride!

So Sunday was spent doing this and that in Tokyo. Some good food at this place called Chopsticks, kind of an izakaya but a little nicer, drinks at the rock and roll bar in Shibuya (it has a real name but no one knows it), some bad karaoke (is there ever good karaoke?), some ugly clubbing. ***BEGIN RANT*** Clubbing in Tokyo is epic. Seriously, there are some amazing places. But if you don't plan ahead of time, it sucks balls. Just randomly saying, "Let's go clubbing!" means you will end up in some dank place with bad music. Been there done that. Many times. It's just not fun. Give me a day's notice, lets check the lineup at Ageha, Milk, and Nuts. We can actually have a good time and not end up at Gas Panic or some hole in the wall Roppongi spot. **END RANT**

Monday I went back to Kawagoe, and rode the 12 hours back to Kure. It was overcast and rained off and on the whole time. My ipod ran out of batteries with about 20 minutes left on the trip. That's my story. I would have loved to take 2 or 3 days to take the scenic route... but this English ain't gonna teach itself!

I passed some amazing places where I would would have for sure stopped if I had the chance. Fuji, Nagano, Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, Himeji... I enjoyed these wonderful places by looking at the exit ramp flying by. Also, I left kinda late due to the desire to sleep in the morning, so these wonderful destinations weren't even visible in the least. Shogunai I guess.

Charred mackerel. They charred it with a blow torch at the table.

Beef stew type stuff on toast. This food was great, Japanese Western fusion type thing. So that just meant lots of sushi, and lots of cheese.

We snuck in booze...

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