Monday, October 29, 2007


A 98% moon rising over the unlit signs of hostess and sunaku bars. Hopefully when you see this, you have some memories of the night before. Many foreigners here choose not to remember their nights out. It's really up to you. Are you being forced to drink your 8th beer from 7-11? Remember, most clubs give you a free drink ticket. It's all about moderation and pacing yourself. Unless it isn't. In that case drink up people.

Most Japanese will just ignore the 192cm tall Batman walking down the street. You can tell they aren't really ignoring, just pretending not to notice. Artsy street performers are very rare in Japan for this reason.

Batman- I'm at Hiyajima park.

Guy on phone (Bill I think?) - You are lost.

Batman - I know.

Bill - Did you turn right like I said?

Batman - I thought you weren't serious.

Bill - Why would you think that?

Batman - ...

Bill - Take a cab

Batman bounces from club to club. The Hiroshima crew sends Batman a text that says they are at Big Echo Karaoke across from 7-11. Batman looks at the 7-11 in front of him and sees nothing but an empty apartment across the street. Phone calls don't get answered. There might be alcohol involved. There might be more than one 7-11 in Hiroshima. Just a hunch.

Outside the club, a very drunk blonde girl Batman was dancing with earlier says she is scared to go out into the big scary world by herself to get a cab. He hails one without moving from his spot on the sidewalk. Drunk blond leaves. Batman is sober enough to realize that life is funny.

Batman rolls with Solid Snake. At the next club Batman and Solid Snake are the only people dressed in costume, and everyone is speaking Spanish. Immediately on entering, he sees a kindly Nigerian obviously trying to pick up 2 girls leaving the club. Batman decides to run a little wingman game and gets the Nigerian on positive ground. 2 minutes after leaving them he sees the Nigerian alone.

Batman - How's things working out for you tonight?

Nigerian - Man... I'm just trying to FUCK tonight!

Batman - Ganbatte I guess.

On the 6am train back to Kure, Batman removes his cape and cowl. The gaggle of genki junior high girls giggle. The salaryman next to him continues reading his newspaper. A quick glance reveals that his newspaper is pornography. Just a nice pictoral of spread eagle goodness to start the day. He turns the page and it's the sports section. Nippon Ham plays the Chunichi Dragons later today.

The leaves outside are turning bright red.

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