Thursday, March 06, 2008

2 Eyes Ramen, #23 in Japan


2-14-3 Takadanobaba, Tokyo
From the North Exit (it's called something different, not North, but I forgot) cross the main street and turn right. It's a couple blocks on this main street.

Takadanobaba is in between Ikebukuro and Shinjuku on the Yamanote line. Many people from Saitama come here because it is the terminal of a big train line. This ramen shop was great! Only #23, I don't understand. The bowls are beautiful. They look like those artistic Swedish eggshell chairs. The soup had chicken and shrimp taste. Toppings were various mountain vegetables, chicken meat, and a shrimp won ton. I recommend getting a large size.

高田馬場 は 池袋 と 新宿 の あいだ です。 高田馬場 は 山の手線 の 上 です。 埼玉 の たくさん 人 は 駅 に 行きました。 大線 の 終わり は ありますから。 その ラーメン屋 は いいですよ。23番、わかりません。 きれい お椀。 スェデン の 椅子 に 似ていましたね。 スープ は 鶏肉 と 海老 の 味 を ありました。 タピング は 山 の 野菜 と 鶏肉 と 海老 の ワンタン。 大盛り を おすすめ。

Although Takadanobaba is relatively off the radar, there's a couple things to check out.

First is The Blue Parrot, a used English bookstore. Bring your old stuff (I had an eclectic stack of random books, from a Star Wars book to economic themed non-fiction). You will get basically nothing for your used books, maybe 100 or 200 yen credit. I turned my six randoms into one Chuck Palahnuik.

There is relative organization, but all in all you will probably spend an hour browsing the shelves here. I may have said before, but I mainly read what other people give me or leave in their apartment before they leave Japan. If anyone has any suggestions, please tell me! Books with lots of violent imagery and unreal situations are my forte. And don't recommend Confessions of a Shopaholic, cause I already read that.

The back streets of Takadanobaba are worth a stroll.

Not sure whats inside, it actually looked like an office building.

The main street in HDR.

Only one more ramen shop in the heart of Tokyo, then a couple just outside, then a couple in neighboring prefectures and I'm done with my list. Actually, there are monthly publications that go to ramen shops, and a constant barrage of TV spots showing new noodles. So the adventure into slurping pork broth will technically never end.


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it's a wedding place

Ramen Adventures said...

I should have known. In most places in Japan, if it is a modern building made to look like elegant European architecture, it's probably a wedding place.