Thursday, March 27, 2008

Over 30 Years Old Question

I have a question for any Japanese people. Foreigners can answer too! At some supermarkets, there are two signs at the register. 20 years old and over 30 years old. You have to be over 20 to buy alcohol. But what is over 30? I tried to ask the checker yesterday, but she just said "It's ok". I don't understand! In about a month I will turn 30!

私 は 日本人 で 質問 を します。 外国人 も! ときどき 食t良品店 が 看板 を 二つ ありました。 二十才 と 三十才 の 上 でした。 二十才 の 上 が お酒 を 買います。 でも、三十才 の 上 は 何 ですか? きの レジ の 人 を 話した。 でも、女の人 は ”大丈夫” 話した。 わかりません! 私 は 五月 に 三十才 です。

The new lens is making me happy.

This bird flew over from out of nowhere. I snapped a shot and it flew away. I don't think a green parrot is a native Japanese species. When I was 10, I found a parrot at McDonalds. It was friendly, so we took it home and eventually found the owner. This time I wasn't able to help.


kao said...
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kao said...

I have never seen the 30 years old sign even I live in Japan over 30 years.. Also I can't find things I was't able to buy untill 30. Maybe you can find out that when you get 30..

Anonymous said...

Hmm, maybe you can take a sneaky photo of the "30" sign? Never seen one / heard of one either.

Anonymous said...

In the meantime I've come across some of those "30" signs, can't recall the exact explanation but they're part of an elaborate scheme to declare your age when purchasing alcohol and make it easier for the cashier to judge whether to ask for ID.

Never seen anyone using them though.

Ramen Adventures said...

Now that I'm 30, I will use one every time I shop, no matter what I'm buying. But I only saw it that one time.