Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hello Kitty in the "Entertainent" District

Kabukicho is the "entertainment" district of Tokyo. There are thousands of hostess clubs, snack bars, massage parlors, izakayas, etc. If you are a guy, and you walk around alone at night, you will be offered sex and drugs constantly. It's a very colorful and interesting area. There are many yakuza, but it's very safe. After that, you can go to the Hello Kitty flagship store across the street.

歌舞伎町 は 東京 の 催し物 の 区。 千 キャバクラ と スナク と マッサゲ と 居酒屋 あります。 男の人 は 一人 で 行って、セックス と ドラッグ を 売ります。 とても 面白い ね。 たいへん やくざ います、 でも 安全です。 あとで、キティ-ちゃん の 店 に 行きます。

I lasted about one minute in this place. It was an overload of pink Kitty madness.

The ginormous statue out front was new and actually made the news a few times. Yes, Kitty and her million friends are popular in Japan. Yes, I have Kitty cell phone straps. No, I don't have them attached to my phone.

I took a couple photos, but by then the taste of bile was growing strong in my throat. I needed something to neutralize Kitty and her cuteness. Did you know that she has no mouth because she communicates with her heart? That's an official statement from Sanrio Corporation. Ok, I need the polar opposite of this. One doesn't have to walk far. Right across the street is this little gem.

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Anonymous said...

Five pictures of the Hello Kitty store and only one of the adult entertainment store? Where are your priorities?