Monday, March 24, 2008


I bought my new camera lens. It's a telephoto lens, so I can take lot of interesting pictures of people now. I took some pictures of the vendors at a baseball game. Every vendor is a girl, and every vendor is selling booze!

新 レンス を 買いました。 テーレーフォトのレンス です、だから おもしろい 人 の 写真 を 撮ります。 野球 で 売り手 の 写真 を 撮りました。 全て の 売り手 は 女の人 でした。 全て の 売り手 は お酒 を 売りました!



Beer. Notice they have every brand. Cause every Japanese draft beer brand tastes realy different.


Wait a minute.... that's not booze! It's juice!

Good thing I snuck in a bottle of shochu. I drink Iichiko for the sole reason that their ad campaign is really good. Photos of their bottle in beautiful natural scenery. Here's a link to see some of them. It's a long lasting ad campaign, very subtle, gorgeous nature photography.

The cola girl... followed closely by the whiskey gal! Now that's smart.

Tokyo Giant's mascots and the Boston Red Sox mascot.


Anonymous said...

Which lens did you buy?

Ramen Adventures said...

The 55-200VR. I wanted the 18-200VR, but it was like 3 times as much.

Anonymous said...

I didn't buy the 18-200vr for the same reason.