Friday, March 07, 2008

Space Ram, #1 Ramen in the Galaxy

Next time you break out of the atmosphere, why not have some ramen? Space Ramen! Designed for zero gravity enjoyment, Space Ramen comes in both pork broth and soy sauce flavors. Enjoy!

次 の 時間   宇宙 に 行きて、ラーメン を 食べませんか? 宇宙 の ラーメン!無重力状態 の 楽しみ. 宇宙 の ラーメン は 豚骨 と 醤油 の 味。 いただけます!

Found at the Miraikan Science Museum. I forgot to check if it was for sale in the gift shop. I will be going back.


kao said...

It doesn't look おいしい... How can you eat ramen in 無重力、、ちょっと無理と思う。

Ramen Adventures said...

I think looking out of the window at the earth from space would make anything taste good.