Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Furigana Injector Rocks You

I just found this awesome add on for Firefox called Furigana Injector.

I'm starting to like Kanji. But if you've never seen, let's say 私 before, then you are out of luck when trying to read something. But if you read the same line, and it's in the phonetic hiragana, then you'd see わたし, watashi, which is like the first thing you learn (it means "I"). If you read manga, you will often see the phonetic reading in small type above the kanji. This is called furigana. This is cause kids don't have all the learnings done yet. I'd say I'm at about the level of a small child, maybe even a small child raised by monkeys up in the mountains of Nikko, so I needs the help.

Web pages and emails don't use furigana, so I used to cut and paste into a dictionary like Jim Breen's WWWJDIC. Precious seconds wasted!

Enter Furigana Injector, an add on for Firefox. It's self explanatory if my explanation made any sense.

Happy reading.

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Anonymous said...

Jesus, thanks for this amazing tool!