Thursday, August 10, 2006

July 31st - Kawagoe Summer Festival

Japan loves festivals.

And fireworks.

And Yukatas.

So I bought a Yukata. You probablly know what a Kimono is. A Yukata is a more casual style Kimono made out of cotton. Mostly for summer fun things. I don't really have a good picture of me in my Yukata, but it was pretty sexy I must say.

The festival in Kawagoe was kinda a laid back one. Taiko drums, random music here and there, food all over, some dudes with historic guns... it was a good time.

Some sort of historic procession. The guy in back was nice and talked to me.

Being a gaijin means you get dragged into shit like this. Tracy and I had to play the Taiko drums in front of a crowd.

The streets were lined with beautiful paper lanterns.

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