Thursday, August 24, 2006

Movie Theaters... Japan Style

I met Carrisa, another foreign teacher living in Kawagoe. She works for a different school teaching English. Apparently she lives close to town and has never had the joy of seeing the signs warning of the Kawagoe Strangler. That's just me... out in the boonies of Kawagoe. Anyways...

Carrisa is a big fan of comic book movies, as am I. I am reluctant to see them in theaters, since most of the time they are a colossal waste of money, but what the fuck, I'll check out a Japanese movie theater. We headed to Roppongi for the 1pm showing of Superman Returns.

First the good stuff. Most big theaters in Japan have a gift shop. This was kinda cool. All sorts of little craps to spend money on. I dunno, I thought it was a cool idea. I bought like 8 The Lakehouse posters to cover my room. Not really, but I could have...

More good points. You can buy beer and wine at the movie theaters. Never a bad thing.

You can get "super" seats if you want. They are about $30, but they are these massive recliners and the price includes a drink. I'd pop this for Lord of the Rings 4: Orcs on a Plane.

The bad points of movies in Japan are, well, its kinda pricey. $18 for a normal show. The other bad point, which is a total opinion vote, is that the audience is silent. I mean deathly silent. Like during the opening ads for Coke... silent. The previews... silent. During the movie, anytime something funny happens... silent. It's just kinda wired.

Anyways, Superman Returns was ok. Please don't ask me anything about it though, the credits are still rolling, and... silence.

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