Thursday, August 10, 2006

More about Disney Sea.

I was tired last night. I feel bad for short changing the magic-ness that is Disney Sea. So I will write more.

We left Kawagoe at 6:30am. 1.5 hours later we were near Chiba, at Disneyland. I think I had only got 30 minutes of sleep, and Tracy didn't sleep at all. It's hard enough to sleep in hot, humid weather on a tiny, lumpy futon on the floor.... add in that you are all excited about Disney and sleep aint gonna happen. It doesn't matter though. I've reverted to my college days self. I'm able to pull all-nighters again. I get to sleep in until 10:30 usually. I drink more beer than I have in many many months.

Be sure to bring an extra 400 yen to Disneyland...cause they charge to use the fucking monorail. No comment.

So Disney Sea is... you guessed it... a water themed park. But it's not a water park. Don't get confused. There aren't water slides and crap. It's an authentic amusement park. Don't pack a bathing suit. Although, if you come to Japan, you should really bring your own board shorts or bikini from home. Japanese fashion is... questionable. Not that I have a great fashion sense... but I know too much lace and shiny things when I see it. Anyways...

The entrance area is mostly shops and restaraunts. Not really any fun rides. The food here is pretty good. They had all sorts of places with food you'd get back home. No over use of mayonaise...and absolutely no naato. Good job Walt.

Port Discovery has the Auqatopia. You might get wet. Tracy got soaked, and I got nothing. It was funny. The ride is on magnetic tracks underground, and it takes you on a random course. It was a fun little thing. Next in the area was Storm Rider. It was...special. Think Star Tours with about a fourth of the budget. Basically, its a simulation where you fly into a storm, and things go haywire. Then you get tossed around in the wind before somehow making it back to base. You get squirted with water, too.

Lost River Delta is an Amazon style place. Indiana Jones and Ragin Spirits are the 2 rides there. Both kick much ass. Indy is the same as back home pretty much, except the "Harrison Ford" animitronic guy looks like younger less American. And he yells in Japanese... duh. Raging Spirits is a coaster with a loop. I almost didn't get to ride...cause I'm too tall.

Arabian Coast is a whole Aladin themed area. I think I was a little delusional from lack of sleep, cause I don't remember too much about this place. I went o the rides and saw the show, but it was kinda uneventful.

Mermaid Lagoon is kinda a kiddy / drug user area. You go inside into this underground ocean land. It's colorful and loud and wonderful.

Mysterious Island is the shiznit. Journey to the Center of the Earth and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea are the rides. Journey was my favorite ride at the park. You descend down, through crystal caverns and mushroom forests, reach a monster, then shoot out. If you are tired from walking around and all that, this ride will wake you up.

The shows were actually pretty good. I expected too much Japanese language for any enjoyment, but this was not the case. The big show at night was... kinda odd. We thought it would be like Phantasmic in LA... not the case. It was a musical story about the love between water and fire. So think fountains... kinda like a cheap Bellagio in Vegas... and a big mechanical fire machine. They would shoot at each other with their water or fire powers... I guess this was supossed to be sexual or something. This went on for about 30 minutes.

All in all, there weren't any lines. Average wait was like 15 minutes for a ride. The food was good. I had a fried cod sandwich and the Cape Cod Cookoff or somewhere, and a New York deli sandwich for dinner. There were plenty of fine dining places too. It was a good day. That is all for now.

It's officially my week off for Obon week. Going hiking and camping in the Japanese Alps with friends from my school. Peace-

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