Thursday, August 10, 2006

Tokyo Disney Sea!!!

Disneyland in Los Angeles is to Tokyo Disneyland what California Adventure Park is to Disney Sea.

The Disneyland in Tokyo is a replica of the one in LA, so I don't really feel a super need to go there. But Disney Sea is it's own entity.

It's late and I don't feel creative, so I'll just post some pics...

First time I have ever had to get my height checked...for being too tall.

Hooray! I made it by about a centimeter. I thought maybe my head would get chopped off or something fun... but no. It just meant that the harness didn't fit right and thus fucked up my back and neck. Double hooray!


Yes... it costs about 2 bucks to ride the monorail...


Me and Tracy on a random coaster. The yelled at me for using a camera. Not sure why. Does it steal the souls of the poor ride attendants?

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