Monday, March 03, 2008

Black and White Day

Today, I had to run some boring errands. So I entertained myself by taking some black and white photos on the way. My errands were to go to Hello Work (the unemployment office), JAF (the place to get your driving license), and eat at another famous ramen shop. Well, the ramen wasn't boring. I also went to a zazen practice at a Catholic university. Hunh?!?

今日 は つまらない 用事 で 行きました。 だから、黒い と 白い 写真 を 取りました。 私 の 用事 は ハローワクー(無職 の 人 の 建物) 行きました と JAF(運転 免許 の 建物) 行きました と ラーメン 屋 食べました。 でも、ラーメン 屋 は つめらなくなかったです。 又、座禅 練習しました。 どんだけ!?!

Yeah, I'm gonna start writing the blog in Japanese. Well, just an intro paragraph. Please correct my mistakes (I think I said, "I ate a ramen restaurant." Have you ever eaten a ramen restaurant piece by piece after derailing it with your penis?) Anyways...

The next couple weeks are big. I have been interviewing for jobs, and just got my first offer today. Public schools, where the children remain seated, and their happy little kancho fingers will be safely out of my butt hole. I think. There is a 90% chance that I am wrong here.


Aaron said...

Have you ever killed someone...with your MIND?

Anonymous said...

I like your pictures.